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All data effective June 2013, unless otherwise stated.

The Marketplace

634 Number of LCBO stores serving communities across Ontario
219 Number of LCBO agency stores
50.8 Percentage share of Ontario beverage alcohol market, in dollar value, held by the LCBO
$10 billion Total estimated value of Ontario's beverage alcohol market in 2012-13
$1.08 billion Estimated value of Ontario's illegal alcohol market in 2012-13


Our Stores

144 Number of LCBO stores offering more than 2,500 brands for sale
128 Number of LCBO stores offering 1,500-2,500 brands for sale
30,000 Number of product tastings conducted in LCBO stores in 2012-13
80 Percentage of customers in large scale surveys who rated their overall shopping experience at the LCBO as an eight or higher on a 10-point scale.
126 million Total number of transactions in LCBO stores in 2012-13
35.09 Percentage of all LCBO transactions paid by debit card in 2012-13
36.66 Percentage of all LCBO transactions paid by credit card in 2012-13


Financial Performance

$4.892 billion LCBO's net sales and other income in 2012-13
$1.7 billion Dividend the LCBO transferred to the Government of Ontario for 2012-13 (excluding taxes)
$13.7 billion Amount the LCBO has transferred to the Ontario treasury during the last 10 fiscal years combined (excluding taxes) to 2012-13
50.3 LCBO's profit margin, expressed as a percentage
16 LCBO's operational expenses as a percentage of net sales, in 2012-13
$791 million LCBO transferred to the federal government in Harmonized Sales Tax*, excise taxes and customs duties, in 2012-13

* The Government of Canada keeps five per cent of HST and sends eight per cent to the Government of Ontario
$56.6 million Amount the LCBO spent on capital improvements to its stores (renovations, relocations) in 2012-13


Products and Pricing

17,615 Total number of products available through LCBO stores and catalogues in 2012-13
9,000 Number of new VINTAGES products offered in stores and through Classics Catalogues in 2012-13
87 Number of countries from which the LCBO bought products in 2012-13
2,712 Number of products discounted by up to 20 per cent through the LCBO's Limited Time Offer program in 2012-13
1,004 Number of products that carried a "value-add" bonus item in 2012-13
2,528 Number of products with bonus AIR MILES Rewards in 2012-13
77 Percentage of domestic spirit prices made up of federal and provincial taxes, levies and mark-ups
56 Percentage of domestic wine prices made up of federal and provincial taxes, levies and mark-ups
53 Percentage of domestic beer prices made up of federal and provincial taxes, levies and mark-ups


Our Employees

3,666 Number of permanent full-time LCBO employees
4,035 Number of casual employees working in LCBO stores at fiscal-year end
252 Number of LCBO product consultants available to offer expert advice to customers (as of June 2013)
415 Number of LCBO Retail staff who passed the highest level of our three-level Product Knowledge Course in 2012-13
2,937 Number of LCBO Retail staff who received training in 2012-13 to help prevent service to minors or people who appear intoxicated
121,199 Number of calls handled by helloLCBO (Contact Centre) in 2012-13
17,736 Number of e-mails, faxes and live chat handled by helloLCBO (Contact Centre) in 2012-13
402,996 Number of site visits by customers in 2012-13



$6.6 million Amount raised in 2012 for charities through special programs and initiatives driven by LCBO customers, employees and the LCBO’s province-wide donation box program. Many other local charities were supported by individual fundraising efforts by LCBO customers and staff.


Social Responsibility

7.8 million Number of customers challenged for proof of age or sobriety by LCBO staff in 2012-13
322,000 Number of individuals refused service by LCBO employees in 2012-13
601 Number of BYID tamper-resistant identification cards issued by the LCBO during 2012-13
56,664 Total number of BYID cards issued as of March 31, 2013


Quality Assurance

500,000 Number of product tests carried out in 2012-13 by LCBO's Quality Assurance Laboratory to meet LCBO standards and requirements of the Food and Drugs Act
23,000 Samples tested in 2012-13
7,400 Number of products tasted in 2012-13
2,463 Number of products rejected in 2012-13 for health concerns, consumer safety issues and other quality control problems
159 Number of products seized by law enforcement agencies and tested for enforcement purposes by Quality Assurance in 2012-13 
13,000 Number of labels reviewed in 2012-13 to meet standards required by the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act

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