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In our ongoing effort to make the BYID Card a secure form of photo ID, all newly issued BYID Cards will carry a coded magnetic stripe (magstripe) beginning May 23, 2009. The magnetic stripe does not hold any personal information. The code contained is a unique LCBO verifier that cannot be traced back to the customer.

Validation of the new BYID Card via the magnetic stripe can only be done at LCBO stores. However, just like the earlier BYID cards, the new card is a prescribed form of proof-of-age identification under Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act. So card holders may use it when making purchases at other beverage alcohol retailers or licensed bars and restaurants.


Below, is a Q & A that should answer any questions you may have about the new BYID Card.

  1. Why was a coded magnetic stripe (magstripe) added to the BYID Card?

    1. The magstripe has been added to the BYID Card as a way of confirming that the card is valid and was issued by the LCBO. This will reduce the possibility of counterfeit cards and it is the latest in an ongoing series of enhancements to the BYID Card.
  2. Is there any personal information coded on the magstripe?

    1. The magstripe does not contain any personal information or any information about the cardholder.
  3. Is any of the information on the magstripe recorded anywhere?

    1. No, the sole function of the magstripe is to verify the authenticity of the BYID Card. This verification process was not designed to collect or store any type of information.
  4. Why are some BYID Cards swiped and not others?

    1. As this is a transition stage, not all BYID Cards contain a magstripe. Older versions of the BYID Card are being phased out by May 23, 2011.
  5. Are all other versions of the BYID cards still valid?

    1. For the next 24 months (until May 23, 2011) all cards remain valid. This transition period will give previous card holders who will still be (or may still look) under 25 in 2011 ample time to obtain the updated BYID Card. After May 23, 2011 older versions of the BYID Card (without the magstripe) will not be valid.
  6. Why are you charging a fee to update the cards?

    1. A nominal fee of $5.00 is being charged to offset the cost of processing applications, and producing and mailing the new card.
  7. Will the new BYID cards be accepted at other beverage alcohol retailers and licensed establishments?

    1. Yes, the new BYID cards will be accepted as prescribed proof-of-age in the same manner as the old cards.
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