Lusciously Sweet

Dessert Wines

For those with a sweet tooth, these rich, lush wines are a sure-fire hit. They’re deliciously complex, and can be served as a substitue for dessert. Reds in this style are slightly more balanced by a pleasant acidity. 4 styles of dessert wineWatch Video

Wine 101

Some lusciously sweet wines are made from grapes affected by a harmless fungus called botrytis cinerea. It shrivels the grapes and concentrates the sugars.

You may taste

orchard fruit, tropical fruit, caramel, fig, honey (white)
ripe berries, pomegranate, red jam, cranberry (red)

Great examples

Red and White Icewine ONTARIO
Sauternes FRANCE

Sip them with

paté, blue cheese, richly sweet desserts (white)
chocolate, sweet berries (red)

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